YUJIE Squirrel and Acorn Hair Claw Clips Set
YUJIE Squirrel and Acorn Hair Claw Clips Set

YUJIE Squirrel and Acorn Hair Claw Clips Set

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Autumn is a season to be grateful for fruitful harvest,
The squirrel got the acorn,
Happiness and contentment are on its cute face.

Founded in 2022 by picture book writer Yujie Wu
Hope to create design products with positive energy
to make you warm.

The original inspiration for Cloudy Yujie was
an illustration created by Yujie Wu’s imagination, the theme
is “a shop that sells something good”.
In order to realize the imagination, Yujie takes “positive”
and “full of energy” as the direction of the brand’s creative development. Products
are endowed with good meaning and stories.
Each item is combined with Yujie’s warm painting styles.
Hope to make people feel hopeful, healed and supported.
The brand is also dedicated to bringing goodwill to the planet by initiating
plans and campaigns.


Made of acetate plate and manufactured by export-grade quality factory. The glossy texture, round and solid touch, highlight how delicate the hairclips are. Small & compact size, healing & cute design, perfect for both adults and children. Size+ Squirrel : H 3.5 x W 3 cm Acorn: H 3 x W 2.5 cm Suitable for little girls and big girls.


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